Blessings of FCC Greenville!


Ministry recognized!

Last night Paul Guy, Elder at our church, was recognized with the Peace and Dialogue Award from the Atlantic Institute, an organization dedicated to "building mutual understanding, trust, and harmony for a peaceful world."  Paul was recognized for his work with Beyond Differences.  Congratulations Paul!

Pastor Johnna was able to present Paul with his award.


Missionaries sent forth

Be in prayer for these folks heading to Nicaragua. Malachi, Kenny, Meredith, Johnna and Ethan arrived safely on Saturday.

Feb172018 does your garden grow?...

With a little ultraviolet light :-)

And then...


Change for change...

Have loose change in your car, pocket, purse, or couch cushions? You can make a difference in the life of a villager in Nicaragua! FCC is raising money for sunglasses and artificial tears for the mission team leaving this month. There is a change jar in the Gathering Space for any contributions you would like to give. Thank you so much for your help and blessings towards this trip.


Nicaragua Mission opportunity

You may have heard last Sunday that our team of missionaries going to Nicaragua need artificial tears and cheap sunglasses to take to the villagers. So...we're asking everyone to wear some cheap sunglasses to worship each Sunday between now and February 11. You can drop them in the offering plate or leave them in the Gathering Space. We may even have a special musical rendition of Cheap Sunglasses by ZZ Top. This is an easy way to participate in the mission trip. We are grateful for all of your support.